About Me

Who am I?

Hello ! I’m Fajar Afriansh, a second year civil engineering student at Abulyatama University (UNAYA) in Aceh. English is not my first language, it’s Indonesian! If you see me doing any mistakes in an article, don’t hesitate to tell me – I am writing this blog in English to improve my writing skills! And I am Muslim.

My involvement

Currently, I am involved with the FKMTSI (translation in English is impossible, but it means civil engineering students club).

FKMTSI (Forum Komunitas Mahasiswa Teknik Sipil Indonesia) is a group of students in engineering who want to create a network to promote and encourage students to pursue careers in engineering and applied sciences. I’m in this organization because it is very important to me to make the field of engineering, especially civil engineering, and area with more diversity.

Why create this blog?

I have been created this blog for a long time. I owned from 2014 – I was writing about anythings interests me.

I love to share about anythings interests, especially about tech, civil engineering, and anythings else.

On this blog, you can read articles about tech around the world. There are also tutorials that you can follow to achieve what you want.

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I’m on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest! I’d be glad to get in touch with you!

You can always contact me by email for any inquiries.